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Nontraditional Students in the Classroom

The purpose of NTSU Online blog & forum is to provide support, encouragement and information for adult learners, and the educators who work with them. We students and educators are a unique group. We recognize the value of self-motivation, encourage self-directed exploration, and bring the wealth life-experience with us.

As a student, whether you learn online or in a traditional classroom, in a formalized program of study or by pursuing your own interests towards a personal goal, NTSU Online offers you insights, tips, and resources to help along the way.

As a teacher or mentor, NTSU Online offers you the opportunity to learn from others in the field of adult education and from the adult learners themselves.

Do you have a story to tell about your own learning process and goals? Tell us! Do you know some good, readily available resources that have helped you? We’d love to know about them too. Is there an educational service (organizations, schools, or online classes or tutorials are just a few examples) that you’d like to review? We’re interested in your opinion. Had success? Brag on! You’re entitled. Ther is even a forum section dedicated to bragging.
Understanding the needs of nontraditional students and they have to offer to an educational community is essential to any educational environment. Virtually half of all students enrolled in post-secondary education fall outside this “norm.” Add self-learners to the mix, and you can see that the so-called “nontraditional” student is the norm.
The rules here are simple: Speak to others as you would like to be spoken to, and please don’t spam. Links to education resources, even commercial ones, are fine, but please offer some context. Have you used the resource? How did it help, or not help, you? Do you want feedback from others here about a resource? Ask in the forum someone may know.
Remember that you, and not NTSU Online, are responsible for the content of your posts. Please keep your language family and workplace friendly.
Read the articles; share your opinions and experience; come back often.